Artificial Intelligence's Impact on Design and Designers


Üçüncü Sektör Sosyal Ekonomi, vol.59, no.2, pp.754-764, 2024 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly permeating every aspect of our lives, and the world of design is no exception. Design, once seen as a bastion of imagination and human creativity, is now being reshaped with the new possibilities offered by artificial intelligence. Beyond facilitating, personalizing and accelerating design processes, this union heralds brand new aesthetic approaches and creative horizons. Artificial intelligence and design represent two important fields that interact with each other today. While artificial intelligence is concerned with the development and use of computer systems with human-like intelligence, design aims to create solutions by balancing aesthetics and functionality. The meeting of these two fields can lead to innovative and impressive results. In this article, the integration of AI into design processes, AI-supported design tools, creative design processes with AI and future trends will be discussed. It will also examine the transformation and impact of AI on the design world. This paper explores the implications and potentials of AI in the design world. It sheds light on the collaboration between designers and AI researchers, current examples of AI applications in the design field, and the possibilities this meeting may create in the future.