Mentoring in Gaining a Competitive Advantage

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Erdal N.

Balkan and Near Eastern Journal of Social Sciences, pp.106-115, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


: Businesses that want to gain a competitive advantage in the globalizing world can gain superiority over their competitors with various applications. Mentoring, with its career and psychosocial functions, which increases professional success, personal development, leadership development, organizational efficiency, and effectiveness, has become one of the practices of businesses with its new management approach. The new employee who undergoes efficient mentoring training will be able to adapt to the organization more easily, mistakes caused by inexperience will decrease, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty will increase. The individual will feel better psychologically, physiologically, and sociologically, and will increase his organizational performance while increasing his performance. Mentoring is widely used in all sectors, especially the service sector, and is seen as a competitive advantage. Even in the same institution, mentoring practice varies according to the mentor. Mentoring is an important research area that needs to be researched and developed in this context.