Quiet Quitting: Causes, Consequences And Suggestions

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Yıldız S.

International Social Mentality and Researcher Thinkers, vol.9, no.70, pp.3180-3190, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The 21st century is pushing businesses like never before. After the Covid-19 pandemic, a new danger has emerged for businesses that have started to recover and return to regular working hours. This study aimed to define quiet quitting, determine the potential risks for businesses, and reveal the precautions to be taken against it. Although quiet quitting is a new concept in the literature, holistic studies on the potential risks for businesses and the precautions to be taken against quiet quitting have yet to be found. Therefore, to contribute to the literature, the concept of quiet quitting has been qualitatively examined and defined. In addition, the factors that reveal the concept of quiet quitting are stated. Subsequently, the potential risks that may be encountered due to quiet quitting businesses are mentioned. Finally, some suggestions have been presented to the business to prevent quiet quitting. The study is anticipated to contribute to the literature for future research.