The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Competencies and FirmPerformance in SMEs: A Literature Review Shedding Light on the Field/ KOBİ’lerde Girişimcilik Yetkinliği ve Firma Performansı İlişkisi: Alana Işık Tutan Bir Literatür İncelemesi

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Yüceol N., Can E.

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management Inquiries, vol.7, no.12, pp.29-55, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This study presents a literature review regarding the relationship between entrepreneurial competence and firm performance using Web of Science and Scopus databases. It is anticipated that the study will provide benefits to academics and business professionals. Academically, an overview of the relationship between the concepts is provided and a roadmap is created for future studies. For business professionals, inferences are made in order to develop entrepreneurial competencies and increase the performance of firm. In the study, 40 studies examining the relationship between entrepreneurial competence and firm performance in SMEs through Web of Science and Scopus databases are discussed through literature review. Within the scope of the study, articles written in the field of business and management are evaluated. As keywords in search; “entrepreneurial competence”, “entrepreneurial competencies”, “performance”, “firm performance”, “business success” are used. ESCI, SSCI, SCI-Expanded and BKCI-SSH indices are included in the scan and the results are evaluated.