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N. Ömer Saatcıoğlu is an Assistant Professor at Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU), Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Architecture. Saatcıoğlu completed his education at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Department of Architecture. He earned his master's degree from Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, Building Science Program with his master's on "Ecological Building Systems: Straw Bale Construction Systems (2001)". He obtained his PhD degree with his thesis titled "Simplicity and Complexity in Architecture (2012)" in the Architectural Design Program of the Institute of Science and Technology (ITU).

N. Ömer Saatcıoğlu played an important role in the design and construction of Turkey's first load-bearing straw bale building in Cumhuriyetköy, Istanbul. Saatcıoğlu has several papers, international presentations, and 6 patents; 2 of which are registered internationally 1 nationally, on straw bale construction and energy efficiency. His aim is to develop innovative and environmentally friendly straw bale panel designs suitable for the country's conditions.

Saatcıoğlu was a Visiting Researcher at the Center for Innovative Construction Materials (BRE CICM), Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath, UK (2018). He performed tests on a new straw wall system he invented and prototyped. He has ongoing research on "breathing wall systems" that can be integrated with straw wall systems.

Saatcıoğlu's main research interests are straw bale design, green building systems and technologies, sustainability, ecological construction systems, ecological building materials, and "simplicity and complexity" in architecture.

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