The Impact of Linear Process versus Genre-Based Approachon Intermediate EFL Learners’ Accuracy in Written TaskPerformance

Talebi Ghahremanlouy Olya Z., Asadi N., Davatgari Asl H.

The Journal of English Language Pedagogy and Practice, vol.11, no.22, pp.186-202, 2018 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The main purpose of the present quasi-experimental study was to investigate the effects of linear process versus genre-based approach on EFL learners’ written production. To this end, 40 learners of English at intermediate level were randomly selected as the participants of the study and assigned into two groups of experimental (process and genre) which received different types of instruction for 8 sessions. Narrative and process-tasks were employed to collect data from the participants. The collected written data was quantified in terms of the accuracy measure. Independent samples T-test was employed as the statistical means of analysis. The results of the study revealed no difference between the performances of two groups in written narrative task, however, the result of statistical analysis in process task was significant. The study might carry some pedagogical implications for second language teachers, SLA researchers, teacher education and task designers.